AFSCME Florida Statement on Separation of Families at the Border

AFSCME Florida released the following statement from Executive Director Jana Weaver:

“When AFSCME members marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, they carried signs saying ‘I Am A Man,’ and they did it in violation of laws that tried to stop them from securing a safer and brighter future for their children. While we strongly believe in the rule of law, and are the union for many law and code enforcement personnel, we cannot support what is happening today along the southern border.

“Today, like in critical turning points in our past, Americans who believe in what makes our country great cannot support immoral policies that only exist to advance a bigoted belief system or to manipulate and abuse our fellow citizens for political profit. It is not an interpretation of a just law but the application of hate.

“We will never support a process that wants to make the American experience of someone seeking asylum worse than what they are escaping from. We will never support further overwhelming a system that can’t even keep track of innocent children, let alone keep them safe. And we will never support this injustice that is traumatizing thousands of innocent children, leaving emotional scars that may never heal.”