I have always believed in unions. When I was presented with the opportunity to join AFSCME upon accepting a job with DCF, I did not hesitate.
AFSCME Local 1584, the union that represents bus drivers, custodians, food service workers, and other support staff at the Manatee County School district, ratified a

Today Local 199 voted overwhelmingly to ratify our contract with the County.

“The choice was clear,” said Emilio Gomez of the Property Appraisal Department. “We fought hard to win the best contract our union has ever negotiated.”

As a result of the ratification, effective October 1st, employees represented by local 199 will get back tens of millions of dollars (up to 180.00 per month per employee) in pay concessions, including flex pay, premium pay, and holiday pay that was relinquished three years ago during the last negotiation with the County.

On August 28th, negotiations with the County concluded. The Local 199 Contract Committee fought back all the Mayors previous proposals to our union, including drastic wage cuts, extending concessions from our previous contract, and implementing measures that would have removed our rights on the job.

Our Contract Committee also fought for a wage increase and won a 1% raise in 2017!

At the second session of negotiations with the County today, Miami-Dade Administration negotiators announced that if Local 199 agrees to the County’s new group health care proposal, the County will end mandatory furlough days, restore the Floating HolidayPremium Pay, and will reinstate Flex Pay as part of our new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Today the Local 199 Contract Committee permanent delegation of seven began the second round of contract negotiations with the County. Local 199 submitted proposals to the County that were compiled by Contract Committee members from coworkers at their respective worksites.

The Miami-Dade County Hall was filled with library and public worker supporters for the July 15th budget hearing to advocate restoring the library millage to $64 million, and end the concessions that were sacrificed three years ago. The Mayor presented his budget proposal, pitting working families against servicing Miami-Dade county residents. The politically constructed budget calls for a continuation of all contract concessions.

Over 2,000 workers turned out to reject Mayor Gimenez’s current contract proposal for the AFSCME Local 199 bargaining unit. Members used vacation and furlough days to staff election sites at five locations across the county. Workers flocked to the voting sites, prepared to stand up and fight against the current contract proposal.

AFSCME Local 199 members in the Miami-Dade library system are at the forefront of an important community initiative to save the County’s libraries. On Friday, June 27th our members helped organize a successful community event and storytime in Cooper Park to send a message to Miami-Dade County commissioners that the community loves its libraries. The event was attended by 250 community members and children. 

On Saturday, June 14, Local 199 union members from across Miami-Dade met at a contract kick-off meeting to discuss strategy for the upcoming contract negotiations with the County.

At the meeting, Local 199 Administrator Andy Madtes presented an in-depth summary of the County's proposals for the upcoming contract, which includes a 10% base cut in salaries; the removal of your grievance process; a way around notifying the union about outsourcing; removing your union's ability to appeal disciplinary through arbitration; and the elimination of premium pay.