AFSCME Florida Members Endorse Andrew Gillum for Governor

AFSCME Florida Members Endorse Andrew Gillum for Governor

Nikki Fried Endorsed for Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services

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Tallahassee – Today, the hardworking men and women who help make Florida happen every day enthusiastically voted to endorse Andrew Gillum to be the state’s next governor.

“Andrew Gillum understands the issues facing Florida’s working families because he comes from a working family, he understands his success is due to hard work and the support of public institutions, and, most importantly, he has continued standing with working families every step of the way,” said AFSCME Executive Director Jana Weaver.

Following this week’s primary election, in which AFSCME helped to turn out the vote for pro-worker candidates across the state to secure key victories from the state senate to school boards and city halls, members held a special statewide call to discuss the general election.

“It is clear that for the dedicated public workers who never quit serving their communities that Andrew Gillum is the clear choice and we are going to work hard every day until November to bring it home,” said Weaver. “He doesn’t just talk the talk, Andrew Gillum knows how to deliver the change our state needs. While Ron DeSantis is focused on his cable news headlines, Andrew Gillum has put together a real agenda to tackle our state’s income inequality, make a real investment in public education, protect our communities from senseless gun violence and expand healthcare access.”

AFSCME Florida members also voted to endorse Nikki Fried for Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Members had previously endorsed Bill Nelson for Senate, Sean Shaw for Attorney General and Jeremy Ring for Chief Financial Officer.

“Nikki Fried will put an end to the scandals and issues that have plagued a department central to the prosperity of our entire state,” said Weaver. “She will work with the dedicated state workers in the department to implement the goals Floridians have clearly stated they want while tackling the challenges, such as climate change, that threaten our future.”