Ratification Vote Leads to 100 New Members

On March 27th, approximately 1,700 Miami-Dade workers voted on the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) agreement with AFSCME Local 199. According to state law, there must be a vote on the agreement in which all workers are invited to participate. Interestingly, this vote does not have an impact on the outcome

Both members and non-members voted in favor of restoring the 5% health care contribution and against concessions. The BOCC heard workers loud and clear that Miami-Dade workers are sick of concessions that affect them year-after-year.

Voting locations were strewn across the city to make voting accessible for all workers. 10 Volunteer Member Organizers (VMOs) hit the sites with the aim of asking them to join AFSCME Local 199 and make their union stronger. AFSCME Local 199 gained 100 new members and 30 PEOPLE contributors as a result.

Thomas Paige has been a Local 199 member since he became a plumber for Zoo Miami 13 years ago. He took a furlough day to hit the sites and ask his co-workers to join with him to make AFSCME Local 199 stronger.

Mr. Paige explained to his co-workers, "AFSCME Local 199 came together and showed the BOCC how the 5% health care contribution had hurt all of us. They agreed to give it back because members like me told our stories and we had a sea of green shirts behind us. Without the union, this wouldn't have happened."