Updated Local 199 Constitution

Over the course of two general membership meetings in October, AFSCME Local 199 members debated, discussed and overwhelmingly voted in favor of on proposed changes to the Local 199 Constitution. These changes, listed below, are designed to give all departments and members a fuller voice in the direction of our union by increasing the executive board to seven seats and more fully defining the roles and responsibilities of the Local president and executive vice president. A copy of the full AFSCME Local 199 Constitution, as amended, can be found here.


  • ARTICLE VI, OFFICERS, NOMINATIONS, AND ELECTIONS: Section 1. The officers of this local shall be a president, an executive vice-president, a recording secretary, a secretary-treasurer, and seven executive board members, and these seven shall constitute the local union executive board. In addition, there shall be elected three members who shall serve as trustees. The trustees shall be elected to three-year terms of office, except that in the initial election, one shall be elected for a one-year term, one for a two-year term, and one for a three-year term. All other officers shall be elected for a term of one year until the election in 2005, at which time they shall be elected to three-year terms.
  • ARTICLE VI, OFFICERS, NOMINATIONS, AND ELECTIONS: Section 8. The president, executive vice-president, secretary and secretary-treasurer shall be automatic delegates to conventions.
    • d.            appoint all standing committees (organizing, political and finance) and all special committees of the local, subject to the approval of the executive board.
    • f.             carry on the correspondence relating to the office;
    • g.            under policies established by the executive board, employ, terminate, fix the compensation and expenses, and direct the activities of all staff;
    • h.            engage, with the approval of the executive board, such technical and professional services, including legal counsel and certified public accountants, as may be required;
    • i.              be the local’s official spokesperson, unless otherwise designated;
    • j.             chair the finance committee, which shall in advance of each fiscal year, submit to the executive board a proposed budget for the coming fiscal year, setting forth the anticipated income and the sources thereof and the anticipated expenditures and their purposes. The proposed budget shall be transmitted to the secretary-treasurer at least ten days prior to its submission to the executive board. The proposed budget shall be subject to revision and adoption by the executive board; and
    • k.            carry out such other duties as are provided in this constitution or as the executive board may direct.
  • ARTICLE VII, DUTIES OF OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE BOARD: Section 2. The executive vice-president shall:
    • d.            The executive vice president shall track grievances and insure the collective bargaining agreement is enforced.