AFSCME Florida Statement on Recertification Win in City of Opa-locka

Today the hardworking men and women represented by AFSCME in the City of Opa-locka voted almost 98% in favor of recertifying their union. AFSCME Local 2068, representing the public service workers for the city will continue to ensure these dedicated workers have a protected voice in the services they deliver. 

AFSCME Florida Administrator James Spears, Jr. released the following statement:

“Once again, when workers are given the chance to vote on if they want to retain their contract and their AFSCME union, they are eager to do so. This means they will continue focusing on delivering the quality public services the taxpayers, visitors and businesses in Opa-locka expect and deserve. 

“What the politicians who pass these anti-union laws don’t understand is that public service workers want a union because a union protects their rights and freedoms on the job. The workers know that a union will help make that job they take into a career they can be proud of. They know it is their path to ensuring their workplace is safe, they have opportunities to advance and that their voice, combined with their coworkers, can matter when it comes to better pay and benefits.

“AFSCME stands for the rights, dignity and respect for all workers, and we are proud that today the members of Opa-locka voted AFSCME yes.” 

AFSCME Local 2068 President John Renaud, a property evidence specialist with the City of Opa-locka added:

“It is satisfying to see a resounding victory and huge turnout like this. My coworkers and I look forward to refocusing our energies on making this city a great place and we will do that by continuing to collectively bargain a better future through AFSCME.”