Help Save Miami-Dade County Jobs

Right now, 70 of your fellow Miami-Dade County coworkers are facing the real possibility that they could be out of a job in just a few weeks. That is because the Clerk of Courts is facing a budget crisis and, unless the Mayor and County Commission find a budgetary solution, front counter services at locations around the county and the workers who provide those services will disappear.

We need your help to save their jobs by calling the Mayor and County Commission and asking them to help Clerk of Courts Harvey Ruvin fix this problem today!

The County is the only source of the short-term help we need to save jobs and services today and give us the chance to fix the problem at its source – a state legislature and governor who have cut or held flat the department’s budget for eight years.  

  • Mayor Carlos Gimenez: 305-375-5071
  • District 1 — Barbara J. Jordan: 305-375-5694
  • District 2 — Jean Monestime: 305-375-4833
  • District 3 — Audrey M. Edmonson: 305-375-5393
  • District 4 — Sally A. Heyman: 305-375-5128
  • District 5 — Bruno A. Barreiro: 305-643-8525
  • District 6 — Rebeca Sosa: 305-375-5696
  • District 7 — Xavier L. Suarez: 305-669-4003
  • District 8 — Daniella Levine Cava: 305-375-5218
  • District 9 — Dennis C. Moss: 305-375-4832
  • District 10 — Javier D. Souto: 305-375-4835
  • District 11 — Joe A. Martinez: 305-375-5511
  • District 12 — Jose "Pepe" Diaz: 305-375-4343
  • District 13 — Esteban L. Bovo, Jr.: 305-375-4831

Last year, 600,000 residents made use of these front counter services at the Hialeah District Court, Martin Luther King Office, North Dade Justice Center, Miami Beach District Court, Coral Gables District Court, South Dade Justice Center and the Sweetwater sub-office.

With your help, we can prevent the pain of job loss, the loss of vital services and the strain faced by the entire County if six dozen more employees have to be added to the overburdened Pipeline jobs program.